WT Series Pump/Tank Station - NIK HVAC & REFRIGERATION
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WT Series Pump/Tank Station - NIK HVAC & REFRIGERATION
WT Series Pump/Tank Station


  • Available in 1/4” Carbon or 3/16” Stainless Steel plates or MDPE Medium Density PolyEthylene.
  • Internal coal tar epoxy coating.  Polyurea Polycoat is available as an option for the carbon steel tanks.
  • NEMA-rated control panel to synchronize pump and tank services.
  • Pump motor with electrical contactor and overload that includes start & stop buttons, fuses and pilot lights.
  • Closed-coupled process pump including full-flow valves and headers reduce pressure drop and sized to assure laminar flow.
  • To ensure total water turnover, pump suction ends are extended into the tank and are cut at a 45° angle to prevent vortexing and cavitation.
  • butterfly valve at the pump suction permits pump removal for replacement or service without the need to drain or stop the entire system.
  • flow-balancing valve at the pump discharge completes the trim to provide pump operation at the design rate of flow.
  • Process pumps also include check valve in the discharge line to prevent drain back and allow higher operating volume as well as a liquid-filled pressure gauge to indicate pump discharge pressure.
  • Cooling Technology’s unique bottom drain with ball valve minimizes solids and allows full drainage.

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